Blood on the Cards

Blood on the Cards
Now available at,,, and other online vendors

Blood on the Pen

Blood on the Pen
An unpublished author gets one rejection letter too many and starts killing literary agents. Can a troubled, modern-day Texas Ranger and a meddling, young woman stop it?

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Blog Hop

A group of other authors and I are hosting blog hops.  It’s like following a trail of bread crumbs, in this case a string of links, to some really good books. They offer a unique way for avid readers to survey a panorama of genres and styles of storytelling. The first author hosts five other authors and then they host five each. Before long a virtual library of new books is available at the touch of a keyboard.

Marci Baun was generous in making my link part of her blog.  Marci writes under the pen name Kitty Wylde.  Here are links to help you find her work.

I read Hieroglyphs JJJJJ

Last Chance:


Part of the blog hop is for each participating author to answer a few questions about their work. Here are my answers:

1.       What are the working titles of your books?

Blood on the Pen is the first book in the Jack Harden series. I followed that with Blood on the cards and I tried very hard to make it more than a sequel.

2.       Where did the idea come from for the books?
The premise for Blood on the Pen is an unpublished author who receives one rejection letter too many and starts killing literary agents. Nearly all authors know, or have known, the frustration of being rejected, and at times get the feeling no one even reads their query letters much less their manuscript. So, I took that to the next level. Blood on the Cards was inspired by a story I saw about a group of Congressmen who lived together and took guidance from a man who claimed to be spiritually aware,

3.       What genre do your books fall under?
     Both are fiction and mysteries, but Blood on the Cards also has the flavor of paranormal.

4.       What actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie redention?

For Elsie, I’m not sure. I can see her, I can smell the fragrance of her perfume, but a specific actress doesn’t come to mind. She would have to be young and sassy.  Moses Browner reminds me of Morgan Freeman. Jack could be a combination of Alan Ladd (Shane) and John Wayne. For him, I think of James Caviezel and, though he’s not a actor, Blake Shelton.

5.       How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscripts?
Each manuscript took about nine months, not counting proof reading and rewrites.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Blood on the Cards Released

I'm happy to say that Blood on the Cards has been released by Wild Child Publishing.  The story is linked to a friendly game of Texas Hold-em that turns bad.  Jack Harden is confronted by a brotherhood of powerful men who are led by a self-proclaimed prophet.  There is a bit of the paranormal for flavor.  While this is the second book in the series, a follow up to Blood on the Pen, I tried very hard not to make it a sequel.  What I mean is that this book needed to stand on its own merit without requiring a reader to have already read Blood on the Pen.  No reviews yet, but I've contacted a few folks who were kind enought to review the first book, and I hope to see their reviews around the end of November.  I hope people like it.

Blood on the Cards - Released

Blood on the Cards - Released
Mystery, thrills,and a touch of the paranormal. Now available at,,, and other online outlets

Blood on the Pen

Blood on the Pen
Available now from Wild Child Publishing at,,, and other websites. Jack Harden is a modern-day Texas Ranger haunted by his wife’s death a year ago. But, when a murderer strikes, he is called into duty. As he battles the urge to kill the drunk driver responsible for her death and the hunger to kill himself, he now must chase a killer who wants him dead. Elsie Rodriguez is assigned to report of the murders for her newspaper and ordered to stay with Jack Harden. He’s old school, tough, and doesn’t want her there, but, despite his gruff manner, the big Ranger triggers something inside her. Something more than just her Latin temper. Can she pull him back from the edge of sanity? Or will death win again?